Brandworthy is a simple start up business with a big passion in branding! BrandWorthy is made up of two people with completely different skill sets - aspiring to make things more convenient for your business.

Brandworthy is passionate about providing creative and convenient design resources to small and medium sized businesses. These resources are crucial for both startups and businesses wishing to rebrand. We want to provide a platform that helps business owners set their business up professionally - both through digital and print materials. We offer services in design and printer broking.




Any of the design materials we have created (brochures, business cards etc) can be ordered through our personalised portal page and shipped directly to you! We also offer additional services in web design, photography/videography and social media marketing. 

As a busy small business owner you have only so many hours in the day. Your business, like a young child, demands energy, creativity, constant parenting and lots of nurture. As your business grows so does the demand on your time and expertise. The busier you are, the easier it is for ‘blind spots’ to develop. Although we are not business consultants, we want to assist you in building your business. Your brand image is how the rest of the world ‘perceive’ you.

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Jess has grown in the creative realm of marketing and design, she graduated her Bachelor at Griffith University studying Creative Advertising Photography and Marketing. Over the past few years she has managed social media platforms for multiple startups and created both e-commerce and standard websites. Jess is currently extending her study in graphic design at Shillington College and is passionate about helping businesses with all design and creative elements of starting/maintaining a business.