We created this website as an informative resource for our client. It is used as a secondary website that is often referred to for patients that are interested in Ortho-K lenses, yet want more information. It has explanations as to what Ortho-K lenses are, the process of getting ortho-k lenses, care and FAQ's. Along with pros and cons of both contact lenses and glasses. Click here to go to the website.


Optom Shop

This website is a shop for optometry practices to buy dispensing/optical products from. It is required for the customer to fill out an order form before purchasing any products to ensure they provide the details of their practice and to confirm their legitimacy.

Get Contact Lenses Online

This shop was primarily created for selling contact lenses. There is also options to buy sunglasses and optical accessories but the main focus was on the contact lenses. Product information pages were created to give customers more of an idea of where the products are coming from and supplier history. Click here to have a look!

Vision Therapy

Visiontherapy.com.au is a website portal for patients to log on and check their progress in their vision therapy sessions, download exercises, check off the days they have completed exercises and more. It also has a shop integrated as a way of selling the vision therapy products to the patients requiring them for their exercises. Having this portal greatly reduces paper usage and makes it more convenient for the vision therapist and the patient. Check it out here

Your Behavioural Optometrist

Your Behaivoural Optometrist is an informative website to provide more information on what behavioural optometry is about, detecting vision problems, FAQ's and vision therapy. An appointment booking form can be filled out on the contact page. Check it out here

Sozo Hair

This website was created for a hairdressing client. It showcases a gallery of different hairstyles and haircuts, provides information about the hairdresser and the products she uses. There are social links to her facebook page and a contact form, along with promotions and business links.

Venturelust Photography

This website was created as a showcase of photography both in the portrait and landscape photography. It also includes an about and contact page. This website was a combination of displaying creative photographic talent and short sections of text to provide information.